Basking Shark Scotland

We are fortunate to work in collaboration with Basking Shark Scotland who offer basking shark research expeditions based at Carry Farm.

At the end of the summer, basking sharks start their southerly migration to the sub-tropics with one final aggregation in southern Argyll. During this period Basking Shark Scotland run research expeditions to observe the sharks and explore different areas while gaining information on this stage of their migration. During these trips  passenger numbers are cut to 8 and are based on the Clyde. There can be an option to swim and photograph the sharks during these tours which are open to everyone.

Guests on these trips can be involved in our southerly migration study with the primary goals as follows:

  • Study abundance of southerly basking shark population
  • Record location, time, size, sex and behaviour of southerly basking sharks along with environmental factors
  • Record images and video of sharks for entry into shark fin ID catalogue
  • Analyse plankton samples from feeding and non-feeding areas

Along with the study of the sharks we will have the opportunity to look for and record other exciting marine life such as whales, dolphins, porpoises, seals and seabirds during our time at sea.
Passengers with enough experience will be able to swim with the sharks during these trips and we will be collecting underwater information about any sharks that we observe on the expeditions. Photographers and videographers are most welcome on the trips and will benefit from fewer passenger numbers on the boat than our usual trips. 

The expedition also includes a series of info-talks on the ecology and conservation of basking sharks by our trained marine biologists.

The minimum age on the trip will be 16 years and we encourage students or prospective marine science students as they will gain a lot of skills and survey experience. These trips are a great way to be involved in the real work of observing and recording large marine life. However the trip is open to everyone who has an interest in basking sharks, marine life and ocean adventure.

Please note the objective of this project is to study the sharks. Although we will be watching and observing them both in and out the water, the goal is gather data rather than like our tourism style tours during the summer season. Passengers will be expected to assist with taking measurements, data gathering and work up of samples.