5 reasons why your child should learn to sail.

Children thrive on learning new skills, especially during an exciting week forming new friendships at Tighnabruaich Sailing School.  Sailing encompasses many traits and skills that your child can use throughout almost all aspects of life.  Below are 5 reasons why your children should be taking to the water next summer.

1. Self-Confidence

There is simply nothing like being able to steer your own boat at the age of 9 years old. Riding a bike is one thing. Skillfully steering a sailing dinghy is quite another.  Sailing can be one of the most instrumental activities in helping to shape a child's future. When a child is given the opportunity to helm a dinghy, they feel as if they can accomplish anything they put their mind to. This confidence is hugely beneficial in a child’s education and social life.

2.    Spatial Awareness

When you sail you learn how to avoid collisions as well as how to navigate through tight spaces and corners. Developing confidence in spatial awareness will help your child navigate the awkward teenage years and the transferable skill will help bring them prowess in other activities that involve coordination and critical thinking like learning to drive.

3.    Sense of Direction

When out sailing, kids will learn how to navigate the waters by distinguishing landmarks and determining directions. By mastering this skill, they beginning to understand how to get from A to B, and as a result are better able to assess their surroundings, it become a regular part of their stream of consciousness. That awareness is crucial to having a sense of direction.

4.    Weather Knowledge

Knowing what direction the wind is coming from, how strong it is, and when it is inappropriate to take to the water, are all things your child will learn when he or she becomes a sailor. By the end of their week on the water, your child will be looking up at the clouds and assessing conditions everyday on their way out the door. Definitely a handy observation.

5.    Shipshape Habits

A crucial part of learning to sail is ensuring proper preparation before departing from the shore. Learning to rig a dinghy and then de-rig and tidy up at the end of the day is drilled into all dinghy sailors. Children will learn that precision and teamwork is imperative to success.  And you never know, "a tidy boat is safe afloat" may be a skill they can apply to their bedroom - we can live in hope!

Learning to sail is not just about filling an active child’s summer holidays.  It is a gift for life that will never leave them, and one which they will return to again and again.  Our residential and non-residential courses will have your children hooked for life.  Book now to avoid disappointment.  Numbers are limited to ensure a quality of care and tuition for every child. Any questions, please be in touch, we are more than happy to discuss your child's requirement.  We look forward to teaching your child on the water in 2017!